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We specialize in Varicose & Spider veins.

Normal veins have valves that under normal conditions prevent blood from pooling down in your legs. However, due to genetic, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or other conditions those valves fail and allow blood to accumulate in the legs causing enlargement of the superficial veins in the leg and thereby giving rise to varicose veins. Therefore, spider and varicose veins are abnormal enlargement and bulging of superficial veins.

Without treatment your veins will only enlarge and worsen. Typical symptoms include heaviness, tiredness, night cramps, aching, swelling (edema), throbbing and burning. These symptoms often worsen with time as the veins enlarge.

Varicose Veins are an early indication of future problems. Untreated varicose and spider veins may lead to other medical problems. As they enlarge, venous pooling leads to other complications, such as stasis changes (a “brownish” discoloration) of the leg mainly at the ankle, blood clots (phlebitis), ulcers (breaks in the skin), infection and bleeding.

It is important to treat your varicosities and prevent future problems. Don't wait, treat them now!

You deserve great looking legs all year round.