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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the loss of a vein a problem?
No, there are many veins in the leg and when the faulty vein in closed, the blood flow simply re-routes to your normal veins with healthy valves. The loss of the vein is not a problem for your health.

Will I be seeing Dr Itani on my initial visit?
Yes, you will see Dr Itani on your initial visit. Doctor Itani will examine you to determine the type of treatment required.

Will insurance pay for the treatment?
Most major insurance companies will cover treatment for symptomatic varicose veins. Contact us to learn more based on your coverage and condition.

What is the difference between varicose and spider veins?
Varicose veins occur in areas of the leg where veins have the most valves that are diseased and working inappropriately. Spider Veins are very small varicose veins and are often mistakenly referred to as broken blood vessels.

What are the complications of ELT?
Other than minor bruising/discomfort that will disappear in few days complications are usually rare after EVT.

What is a Vascular surgeon and why is Board Certification important?
Vascular surgeons are intensively trained to diagnose and treat every type of vein disease—not just the less complicated ones that are easily treatable. You can be confident that Dr Itani has a broad experience making the right diagnosis and helping you choose the best procedure for your personal needs. Board certification means that Dr. Itani has met the highest standards and requirements in the field of vascular surgery.